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Represents card data, and closely resembles arContent.




  name: 'My card',
  description: 'More information about the contents',
  image: '/path/to/some/image.jpg',
  url: '/path/to/more/details/'


  • CardData



Optional description

description: undefined | string

A description used for the item.

Optional disambiguatingDescription

disambiguatingDescription: undefined | string

A short description used for disambiguating the item from other similar items. Not used for rendering.

Optional image

image: undefined | string

The image for the item. For rendering images that are 16:9 are preferred.

Optional mainEntity

mainEntity: undefined | object

An additional entry for more information on the item. For example, if the url property points to a review of a website, mainEntity would point to the website itself.

Optional name

name: undefined | string

The name for the card.

Optional url

url: undefined | string

The URL for more information on the item.


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